Can you help us find Ireland’s top model?

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Can you help us find Ireland’s top model?



Ian Lawlor, Managing Partner 29th August 2018


…model receptionist that is. If you’re a client of JPA Brenson Lawlor you’ll know that we pride ourselves on not just being the most professional in the business, but we also try hard to be the friendliest. As one friendly face must leave us, we now need another.  So, can you help us find Ireland’s best receptionist?

But before you start recommending your siblings or in-laws (all welcome of course) remember that we set the bar very high. Yes, we want friendly, but we need a really ‘on the ball’ administrator, someone who will literally keep the Donnybrook, Dublin 4, (buses right outside, LUAS within walking distance) office humming.

Our clients like the way we look after them. We answer the phone with a smile. In person, there’s that welcoming feel to our offices from the minute you walk in. Our clients are busy people so our meetings with them start in time, our hospitality is noted. We need to maintain those standards. The job is a position of trust, so the person chosen will be ultra-reliable, discreet and will be able to work to a very high level of confidentiality.

For the record, we are amongst the Top 15 of Ireland’s accountancy and business advisory firms. We have 65 staff members and, as we are fast growing, we’re always on the lookout for more talent. That means there’s plenty of people to look after so there’s no chance to get bored.

If that’s enough we also need that person to help with the marketing of the firm, so some knowledge of business social media is expected (no need to panic though, we write the content and there is help from outside agencies). There is also the organisation of our regular client seminars and other external meetings (including staff events) so that shouldn’t phase the applicant either.  And then there’s a social aspect. We have a great record in tag team rugby and we’d like to that going so if your recommendation is either a ‘player’ or ‘bainisteoir’ type, all the better.

As we say, we’re looking for the best there is, therefore our terms and conditions will match. But we do need someone immediately so if you have Ireland’s next top receptionist in mind be a #JobFairy today and tell them to send their CVs to me immediately. Every applicant will get a reply. It’s the way we do business.

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