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By Evelyn Rooney, Tuesday, 21st November 2017 | 0 comments




Evelyn Rooney, Manager




Wining for children’s rights

We’re thrilled that our client, the Children’s Rights Alliance, has won top place in its category at the Good Governance Awards 2017. The award was for organisations with an annual turnover of between €250,000 and €1million

The awards – meeting a need

This is the second year of these awards, created to recognise and encourage adherence to good governance practice by Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland. Most of you will know JPA Brenson Lawlor for our work in sectors such as community pharmacy, medical and care homes or tech start-ups, but we also have a very strong presence in the voluntary sector, an area I specialise in myself.

Better disclosure, best practice

We all know the voluntary sector has been affected by a perceived lack of transparency in a handful of high profile cases. However, those few rotten apples have done damage to the large majority of voluntary or not-for-profits that do really excellent work. So we welcome the awards in helping to ‘up the game’ with much better disclosure.

It’s useful to note that amongst the criteria necessary to win an award you had to give

  • A clear indication as to what the organisation’s purpose and key objectives are
  • Provide an insightful commentary on the organisation’s broader sector/ environment
  • Provide a clear review of the organisation’s performance for the relevant year as well as how the current year’s strategy links to the longer-term strategy of the organisation?
  • Demonstrate the difference/impact the organisation has made in the year in terms of what it has done or achieved (outcomes) and the difference it has made (impact)?
  • Provide clear information on the funding it received and how that funding was used by source/type
  • Provide details of how it is organised and governed?

We can help

As I mentioned we are experts in this sector. We know what we’re talking about and our advice is good. If you know an organisation in the sector that is struggling with compliance we’d love a recommendation from you so as we can help them. If you send me contact details I will personally contact them and get them sorted as quick as ... will always get me (no matter what the hour!).

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