Making babies is great for business

By Ian Lawlor, Managing Partner, Thursday, 15th February 2018 | 0 comments

Ian Lawlor, Managing Partner



The road ahead

The National Planning Framework will be announced in all its glory on this Friday (16th February). However, we already know most of what will be in it, undergrounds, overgrounds and some shiny new roads. All good stuff for an economy that hopefully will continue to motor between now and the plan’s end-date of 2040.

There’s going to be a lot more of us

But what caught our attention in all of the media coverage is how many babies the plan believes we’ll be making. Now, there has been some dispute about a final number but at the conservative end it looks like we could have an extra million souls as citizens of the Republic in the next twenty-two years. The more bullish poo poo that number and say we’ll actually end up with 2 million people.

Sorry for being so crass

Whichever which way you slice it and dice it, that’s a lot of new people and at JPA Brenson Lawlor we see new people as new business opportunities…yes, we’re a little crass like that, but then again, it does say ‘business advisers’ over our door. It’s those extra people that has us keen to tell our clients that they should be preparing for new opportunities now. That increase will be incremental, and the population growth is going on, and will continue, from now.

Endless opportunities

Opportunities? Every one of those new people has got to be clothed and fed, entertained and housed, transported and given healthcare…the list is endless. And that’s while the ‘old’ population still has its demands. So, if your business is coffee shops or buses now is the time to work on a business plan that will see your business catch the upcoming opportunities.

Johnny Sexton dreams too

If you ever watch Johnny Sexton getting ready to take a place kick you can see his concentration ahead of kicking. He is running the kick through his head, again and again. It’s called ideation, where you imagine where the ball will be. Ideation works in business as well. You imagine, or dream, of where your business should or could be in so many years.

Let’s do it

Now is the time to dream big. As they say in Silicon Valley, ‘Go Big or Go Home’. Well before you do either why not call into us and talk to us about your plans. We can give you rock solid advice on how to achieve those dreams. But now is the time to start. Call today.

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