Marty Morrissey joins JPA Brenson Lawlor

Thursday, 1st June 2017 | 0 comments


We had a fantastic turn-out at the Dublin Staff Relay in the Phoenix Park last Thursday with almost half of Team Brenson Lawlor joining us for what turned out to be a great evening. We only had one man down (but not out) as Michael O’Leary pulled a calf muscle at the very end of his run (but still made it through to the finish line in true BL style). Our top runner was trainee auditor, Brendan Brogan a.k.a. Billy Whizz, who managed to complete his leg in a very impressive sub 20 minutes.

But of course, it’s wasn’t all about the running. We’re socialists after all (isn’t that what you call people who are very social?).  And from previous experience we knew to bring our own ‘supplies’ for afters. What could be better than the rush of post-run endorphins only a cold beer to slake your thirst, and all in perfect warm, evening sun. And just to top off what was a magical evening, we were joined by RTE’s very own Marty Morrissey who happily posed for a pic Bliss in a cup.

Some of those who didn’t join us this time have already registered for next September’s event. Amazing, the power of Marty.

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