No pressure Stephen!

By Jason Bradshaw, Partner , Tuesday, 14th November 2017 | 0 comments

Jason Bradshaw, Partner hands the JPA Brenson Lawlor Annual Award to winner Stephen McInerney and Professor Stephen Byrne, Head of the School of Pharmacy, UCC






Well OK, he may be a bit young yet to be a client of JPA Brenson Lawlor’s but like the rest of our clients we’re still immensely proud of Stephen McInerney, who has won the JPA Brenson Lawlor sponsored “Exceptional Citizen and Future Leader” Award at the UCC School of Pharmacy 2017 Prize Giving Ceremony.

This is the first year of our association with this award at the university, where Brenson Lawlor lectures on the business issues related to running a pharmacy

Our thanks to Professor Stephen Byrne, Head of the Pharmacy School in UCC, for helping choose such a worthy winner and we hope that Stephen (junior) goes on to be that exceptional citizen and future leader. No pressure then Stephen!

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