Why we’re backing the future

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Why we’re backing the future




Jason Bradshaw, Partner, JPA Brenson Lawlor



Our pharmacy clients know that our firm, JPA Brenson Lawlor, is recognised as the leader in the community pharmacy sector. By working closely with our clients for decades we have learnt anything and everything about the pharmacy business. The insights we have gained over those years, doing audits, buying and selling pharmacies, advising on consolidations etc, means we know the sector inside out. Literally.


Yes, there are doomsters out there who say that over the next decade that independent pharmacies will eventually be killed off by larger branded or buying groups. However, we don’t agree. We’ve been listening to the naysayers for a long while now and their version of ‘the end of the world’ still hasn’t happened.


Backing our view of the future is why Brenson Lawlor sponsors the IPN ‘Young Pharmacist of the Year’ Award, won recently by Grace Grimes, of Meaghers Pharmacy, in Tymon South, Dublin 24. Grace epitomises our positive view of the future of pharmacies, one where community service and involvement trumps all.


If you work in the pharmacy sector and have ambitions of your own, to establish your own pharmacy or that dream pharmacy chain that has your name above the door, you should talk to us. The aforementioned naysayers, as well as telling you that ‘it’s all over’ will also tell you that there’s no funding available to kick off your dream.


Nay, nay and thrice nay we say to the naysayers (well that is their kind of language!). If you have that ambition, we salute you. Better still we know where to find you funding. Even through the depths of the recession, we managed to help our pharmacy clients, and things are immeasurably better now.


It’s a truism that business is never static. Static businesses die (farriers or thatchers, anyone?). There will be changes with pharmacies. As always, and quite correctly, there will be a drive towards efficiency. Online will make itself felt further. But at the end of the day, people (reminder, that’s us!) want the human touch, the reassurance that X is better than Y, the knowledge of experience that says ‘you’ll be better in a few days’. Service is the word.


As well as running an efficient business if you can run a business that has the extra human touch added, we believe that can make a difference. Car hire is pretty generic. Buy cars, rent them out and try to optimise your income on busy days, whilst promoting ‘deals’ on not busy days. Avis built a world car rental business by adopting a simple strapline that reflected its corporate culture. Avis said, ‘we try harder’.


Now, who wouldn’t go to the pharmacy chain that says, and delivers, something similar? So, if you’re ambitious, we say…go for it. We have your back and you have your future ahead of you. So, start today by making a call to your pals at Brenson Lawlor. 

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