Locating in Ireland


Locating in Ireland


Ireland is the preferred destination for many of the world’s largest corporations as well as attracting many early stage start-ups because of the unique combination of benefits there are in basing your business here.

If you are considering Ireland as a location have a chat with JPA Brenson Lawlor about the specifics around your business. You’ll find us well informed, thoroughly professional and most important in Ireland, very welcoming and easy to deal with.

Some of the benefits to selecting Ireland as a business residence include:

  • Taxation

Ireland has a low corporate tax rates of 12.5% and offers significant taxation incentives for start-up companies. Ireland has one of the highest rates of Foreign Direct Investment of any country in the world, attracted by all of the incentives our pro-enterprise economy has to offer.

  • Workforce

Ireland has a highly educated, skilled and motivated workforce available. Irish people are renowned for their ability to work with all nationalities, a reason that many other nationalities find it easy to re-locate here. We are a welcoming nation and while we work hard Irish people also have a unique positivity and ‘can-do’ attitude that others find refreshing.

  • Infrastructure

During the boom years the government invested heavily in all areas of infrastructure. You’ll be amazed at the quality of national motorways free from traffic hold-ups. No matter where you locate a business in Ireland you are probably no further than 2 hours away from a major airport or seaport.  The Dublin/London route is the 2nd busiest air route in the world. The country continues to invest in Wi-Fi to ensure access in every part of the country and mobile operators are now offering 4G services across much of the country.

  • Financial assistance

Inward Investment is a key strategic objective for this country. Financial assistance in the form of government grants can greatly reduce start up operating costs and is available from the Industrial Development Authority. Indigenous companies or start-ups can be aided by Enterprise Ireland.

  • Regulatory Environment

Ireland has encouraged foreign investment into Ireland since 1960 and has set the world benchmark in attracting and retaining businesses in Ireland. The regulatory environment conducive to foreign owned business setting up in Ireland has been in place for over half a century.

  • Cost competitiveness

Government policy over many years aims at ensuring Ireland remains internationally competitive across all business metrics. Low inflation and currency stability supports continued cost competitiveness into the future. 

  • Quality of life

As well as our ‘can-do’ business attitude Ireland wins more and more foreign direct investment for one unique quality that Ireland has – the quality of living.  Irish people work hard and play hard. The nation is passionate about sports, the country is world famous for its natural beauty, we work hard to keep the environment clean, you’re never more than an hour away from the ocean and most importantly you will be made very, very welcome. It’s our nature. Your business will be made welcome. We are an English speaking country with an above average 3rd Level education participation rate that means that we have the employees that you need to succeed.  

  • Next steps

Why not phone one of the partners who specialises in your sector for an informal chat about doing business in Ireland. You’ll find JPA Brenson Lawlor is probably the friendliest and most professional accountancy and business advisory firm you’ve ever dealt with.