Carol O’Dowd

It’s not surprising that an audit manager loves company books. But our Carol also loves the other kind, the ‘Gone With the Wind’ or ‘Girl on a Train’ kind, as well. To prove it she reads about one a week…as well as carefully examining clients’ books, but not at the same time, of course.

Law graduate Carol (yes, you read correctly) took a turn towards accountancy about eight years ago when she headed from her native Galway, where she had studied in NUIG, to Dublin, and joined JPA Brenson Lawlor directly. She has studied the books of many of our pharmacy clients over those years and there’s very little about that business she doesn’t know about. That makes her a sectoral expert and that means that if you want to know about how your pharmacy business could make more money you should give her a call.

She’s also quite forthright in her book reviews so you could get a few of those recommendations from her as well, while you’re at it.


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