Ciara Ferguson

Service / specialisation – Audit

Fast cars, jumping out of airplanes, preparing for a marathon…all in a day’s work for audit manager Ciara Ferguson. Well that’s after she’s handled clients’ accounting queries, ensured their financial statements are presented properly, checked the numbers agree with the underlying information.

Exhausted? Not at all. Ciara is also on standby to help her junior colleagues understand the financial information that they are looking at, how to analyse it, and then present it within the financial statements. Experience you see…she’s got loads of it and being the friendly type that we like to hire in JPA Brenson Lawlor she’s happy to share her knowledge.

If you have some financial queries for Ciara feel free to give her a call. She’d also welcome offers of drives in her favourite make of car, a Porsche 911, and she’d like a re-visit to Mondello Park racetrack where her motor hit 160mph. Otherwise she’s available for ‘Hell and Back’ challenges, 5K charity runs…and dreams of that full marathon. Anything for a bit of fun really.