Helen Corvan

Audit Manager


Audit and Business Assurance Services

When it comes to auditing Helen Corvan knows how to add apples and oranges. And why wouldn’t she, being from Armagh, the Orchard County, (where she still lives and commutes from every day!).


An honours graduate in accounting from Ulster University she spent two years in Toronto, Canada working in fund accounting and reporting. But did you know that in winter it get can to -25C in that city, and that’s cold. Too cold for Helen. Helen hates, hates the cold.


Fleeing from the freezer she began training here at JPA Brenson Lawlor and has since become an audit manager with us, gaining her membership of Chartered Accountants Ireland along the way. When it comes to work, Helen keeps it serious, with a keen eye to ensure really, really high-quality standards of audits and accountancy work for wide spectrum of clients particularly the SME’s and logistical companies that she loves. She also knows quite a bit about the not-for-profit organisations.


So if you want to know your apples from your oranges, your profit from your loss, or any other fine detail about your business, have a chat with Helen and see if you’d like to do business with her? You will. She’s very, very good.