Henry Keenan

Payroll Manager

Service / Specialisation - Outsourcing Services

We love people with ambition at JPA Brenson Lawlor and we love when they think BIG and dream the potentially impossible dream. What about our Henry Keenan, a manager who has been working in our payroll division since 2003?

When asked about some what he dreams about he told us that he wanted to cycle from Dublin to his native Galway. But Henry doesn’t have a bike and the last time he did have one, he was a child. He also dreams of Arsenal winning the Premiership and Galway GAA winning the Championship – both in the same year. As we say, nothing wrong with an impossible dream but sorry Henry, pigs won’t/don’t fly.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Henry graduated with a property management diploma from GMIT, he’s a member of IPASS, the Irish Payroll Association and most importantly, he’s a payroll expert. Based in our Capel Street, Dublin 1 office, Henry is kept mighty busy, fortunately as he might start asking hard questions about porcine aerodynamics. If you need your company payroll sorted, Henry is your buachaill. Give him a call, the conversation won’t be boring.