Ian Lawlor

Ian embodies the JPA Brenson Lawlor ethos, being supportive, approachable and ‘business partner’ for the firm’s clients that he works with. Over the years he has specialised in two areas in particular, he would be regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people around about the business of nursing homes as well as the retail convenience sector and he has also been involved in high profile examinerships.
You can always expect the unexpected from the JPA Brenson Lawlor team. When he finds the time Ian is a voracious reader, ploughing through books on science fiction and crime but for a person who advises some of the country’s leading SMEs he doesn’t read books on business. “I get my knowledge from getting my hands dirty, getting to know the real business, not reading about it”, he says.
The avuncular Dubliner attended Gonzaga College and UCD and played tennis for both but regrets he wasn’t better at rugby!

Tel:         +353 (01) 6689760

Fax:        +353 (01) 6689778

Email::     ian@brensonlawlor.ie