Michael O'Leary


It was Benjamin Franklin who famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Michael O'Leary, Tax Partner at JPA Brenson Lawlor, can do little about when you may meet your maker he certainly can help individuals and companies with their taxes.

He particularly enjoys organising and implementing tax efficient transactions, aimed at maximising the return for the business owner. Over the years he has accumulated considerable experience in advising business owners on property ownership structures, share transactions and company reorganisations and the sale and purchase of their companies.

In keeping with the JPA Brenson Lawlor Michael enjoys interacting with clients, more as colleagues than as clients, and he has assisted a number of families in devising and implementing tax efficient succession plans for business and non-business assets.

He’s a big fan of Queen, that’s the band, not the monarch,  that he listens to when he’s training using his kettlebells. You can ask him all about kettlebells while he’s putting a plan in place to minimise your taxes. 


Tel:         +353 (01) 6689760

Fax:        +353 (01) 6689778

Email::     michaeloleary@brensonlawlor.ie