Padraic Ferguson


A native of the wonderfully named Cornamuckla South, Ballinaglera, in County Leitrim, Padraic is regarded as the leading financial/business specialist across the community pharmacy sector in Ireland. 

From his beginnings with the firm, more than thirty years ago, Padraic realised that though the highest technical ability was essential, so too was the ability to communicate financial/business/accounting advices to clients in a non-technical manner. This along with understanding the clients’ requirements to be mentored, guided and protected while making financial and business decisions.

He is a great admirer of the GAA – “the best organisation in the world”. His abiding memory of the 1978 All-Ireland Football Final was Mike Sheehy scored his famous goal into an empty Dublin net as the Dublin goalkeeper was arguing the merits of the free awarded to Kerry with the referee. And his takeaway from this famous incident that he teaches his younger staff? “Always stay focused”.


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