Banking & Fundraising

Most development and growth initiatives require financing. JPA Brenson Lawlor enjoys a strong reputation within the financial community. If you require finance to expand and develop we can help you structure and raise the necessary funds.

Although all projects are different, our approach typically involves the following:

  • Project evaluation and assessment
  • Development of a business plan
  • Preparation of financial projections
  • Identification and introductions to the most suitable finance providers
  • Negotiations with potential financiers
  • Planning for taxation issues

If your business is experiencing difficulties we are on hand to lend support and expertise. We will endeavour to identify problems as soon as possible and formulate an action plan to resolve them efficiently. If the worst happens and your business becomes insolvent we will explore reconstruction possibilities and help minimise liabilities and, if necessary, ensure the business is wound-up in an orderly fashion. Our Corporate Finance team is experienced in raising finance for businesses appropriate to their requirements which may include permanent, long term and short term funding.


The following are just some of our financial related services:

  • Long term loans .i.e. 5-20 years
  • Private equity finance
  • EIIS
  • Leasing/Asset finance
  • Debtor working capital finance
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Short term loans i.e.1-5 years
  • Bank overdraft facilities
  • Joint venture banking arrangements