Business Assurance & Audit Services

At JPA Brenson Lawlor we have over four decades of experience in providing business assurance and audit services to owner managed and family businesses. Our audit approach is progressive. We take the time to understand our client’s business/sector and to make the audit process as constructive as possible. We focus on identifying and responding to key issues and risk factors in the business and adding value.

We build relationships with our clients with all assignments being led by a partner and having regular communication with clients. We are proactive during the course of our work and have a 'no surprise' philosophy.

We are leaders among the professional service providers to the small and medium sized business sector and can give advice on matters of accounting practice, disclosure and any legislative changes.

We are competitive on fees while being committed to quality, excellence and integrity.

At the end of each assignment we provide a series of recommendations which analyse performance, highlight weaknesses and suggest improvements for the future development of the business. In performing this we evaluate the financial controls, financial reporting and budgeting processes and identify any inefficiencies and risks. We also identify revenue enhancement and cost savings opportunities.

Our range of expertise spans a wide range of business sectors including;

  • Retail Pharmacy and Healthcare
  • Nursing homes
  • Large & medium sized hostelries
  • Hotels, golf clubs and pubs
  • The entertainment industry
  • Property development and construction industries
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Professional services providers
  • Voluntary sector including charities
  • Credit unions
  • Manufacturing companies