Property Tax Planning

The structuring of property investments or developments in a tax efficient manner is essential in order to maximise the final return from a venture. Any property investment, from the purchase of a rental apartment to the development of a greenfield site, involves a multitude of tax issues including VAT, stamp duty, sub-contractors tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, and income tax.

In the case foreign property investments proper planning is essential so as minimise local taxes and avoid (or minimise) double taxation on the repatriation of profits.

At JPA Brenson Lawlor we can assist the investor/developer by advising on the most tax efficient way in which to structure your investment or development. In conjunction with our affiliated JPA offices throughout the world we can also advise on how to minimise tax in foreign jurisdictions and on the repatriation of profits. By providing the following services we can assist in ensuring your property investment is completed in the most tax efficient manner possible.

  • Advice on the most appropriate structure, (Irish company, partnership, foreign LLP, foreign holding company etc.).
  • Advice on financing, should this be by way of share capital, loan or a combination of both.
  • Advice on all aspects of tax compliance for a project including stamp duty, subcontractors tax, VAT, corporation tax etc.
  • Accurate projections of tax costs and other cash flows so as to determine the net profit and internal rate of return of the investment.
  • Advice on tax reliefs available (urban renewal, nursing homes etc.).
  • Advice regarding all aspects of tax compliance and double taxation relief in the case of foreign investments.